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www.therca.org is for informational purposes relating to fair and sensible product legislation. The RCA's purpose is to protect the interest of small business from illegal search and seizure, profiling, harassment and other forms of government intimidation. We welcome all who visit us to leave their comments, suggestions, horror stories and accolades. Please visit our blog and Tell Us What's Happening in your neck of the woods. Portions of this site are free to public viewing, while the exclusive content is for paying web members only - designated by (M). Join today and let us help you.

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Welcome to www.therca.org. In today's world of electronic media, news agencies have only a limited time to present a story - as a result, the stories that have been reported about the RCA have not included all of the information that is necessary for someone to understand our mission. It is very important to the RCA that retailers, consumers, law enforcement, and government officials along with all others are fully informed about the products and the businesses the organization represents.

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